How Old is Too Old to Drum?

How Old is Too Old to Drum?

Encouraging a love of rhythm and music in a child may be the first image of what beginner drummers need to succeed, yet, age has nothing to do with exploring drumming and rhythm. Kids often represent the potential of the future, but, they are not the only beings able to learn a new hobby, especially drumming.

Adults aren’t often considered beginner drummers, perhaps because the majority of drums and percussion instruments seem to be sized correctly for the average adult, or maybe because we all believe that by the time we’re considered adults, we’ve already tried everything “new.” But, many adults say that they were stopped from drumming as a child because of the noise factor or the inconvenience of a full drum set (or other types of drums) in the home, and became beginner drummers later in life or even after their own child’s talent was encouraged.

Drumming is an activity that is good for children and adults of all ages. It improves mental and emotional well-being, fine and gross physical motor skills, academics and processing and can even assist with memorization and recall. It is being incorporated into fitness programs, and it is considered a cardiovascular exercise by many. Beginner drummers come in all ages and genders with all types of abilities and reasons for drumming. It is also used to help children and adults with special needs, and it is a fun activity that families, friends, schools and communities can share.From preschools to senior citizens’ drum circles, nobody is too old (or young) to drum.

Beginner drummers bring a fresh, new perspective into the world of drumming, percussion and music. Whether as an adult, a child or somewhere in-between, once a love of drumming has been established, the fire to keep drumming remains, without a concern about the age of the drummer. Besides, with all of the benefits of drumming, keeping up the beat can be one of the best ways to stay young forever.

18th Jul 2014 Kristin Stancato

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