Swan Percussion Flamenco Cajon

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Watch Video Demonstration of this Drum

The Swan Percussion Flameno Cajon delivers the ultimate snare sound with snares that can be adjusted string by string to get the exact sound you need for any performance. The strong snare sound is achieved through 8 different strings on the inside of the drum where each one of those 8 strings has its own individual tension tuning peg. You can turn all of them off for a Peruvian style sound or dial them up for full snare response.

Mike Meadows talks about the features of this cajon

This model is shorter than the standard Swan Corsoba Cajons and taller than the Cygnet Cajons. It has 3 playing surfaces like the other Swan models;
1. Front panel with the snares
2. On the side where there is typically a removable panel on the standard Swan Cajons, there is a thinner, non-removable panel. This offers the player more options to create tones from one instrument.
3. The back panel is twice as thick as the front panel, design to help your control the bass tone.

Another awesome feature of this multi-functional cajon is that is has a built-in guiro! As you play the drum, you can scrape the side that has been carved out specifically to produce guiro sounds. Watch the video above to see a demonstration of the cajon being played with the guiro effect.

The finish is Classic Black where the drum is stained in a satin black finish with the natural wood color showing through like pinstripes along the edges.

Product Features

  • Three playing surfaces - one with snare wires, one with no snare wires but with thick playing surface, and a surface that is thinner than either of the other sides as a hidden piccolo panel.
  • Equip to accept the Swan foot pedal bracket on any side, so that it can be played by either your foot, hands or both!
  • Guiro ridges on the front
  • Materials: Birch
  • Size: 19"Ν Tall x 12" x 12 1/4"Ν tall
  • 10 lb

About Swan Percussion
Swan Percussion began in 2008 as a collaboration between Eric Holland, a designer and craftsman, and Mike Meadows, an established world-class percussionist. Together they developed The Black Swan Drum, inspired by the Ghanaian Gombe (Gome) but with innovations including an instant tuning system, quick head change system, and the ability to incorporate any standard 16" floor tom head. The Black Swan was so well received that they continued to develop more instruments. Today, Swan Percussion is committed to creating high quality, versatile, innovative percussion instruments for the discerning professional and amateur alike.

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