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A Latin-American instrument traditionally made from a gourd, a guiro features a hollow, open-ended body with parallel notches cut into one side. When you rub a guiro’s accompanying stick along the notches, you’ll get a steady, ratchet-like sound that you can influence by varying the duration, length, and speed of your stroke. Though traditionally used in various styles of Latin music, you can incorporate the guiro into the style of music you like best.

If you’re looking to get your hands on one of these simple yet fun instruments, look no further than our own extensive collection. X8 Drums offers a versatile collection of guiros, from traditional gourd guiros to guiro shakers to modernized metal guiros with a unique metallic sound. With its handheld design and optimal playability, guiros are an ideal instrument for musicians of any age. We even offer fun-shaped guiros specially designed for kids!

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