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Dear Santa, I Want a Djembe: The Hand Percussion Shopping Countdown Begins

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The second week of November has been designated, “Dear Santa Letter Week,” by the people who plan our calendars and remind us that the holiday season is happening right now… as if the holiday decorations in stores after Labor Day weren’t enough of a clue. There is a bright side to this week of gluttony, though; even if you’re not a Christmas person, this is a really good time to get your priorities straight and demand what you want out of life – especially the drums and hand percussion instruments you’ve been dreaming of.

Maybe you’ve seen your friend’s new djembe and think that you’d like to sit around and jam. Perhaps you’re obsessed with learning the many different ways to play a tambourine. Of course, you could always have enjoyed the different methods for tuning and playing a mbira. Really, your wish list could be endless, and we can’t blame you.

In that sense, we thought we’d make it easy for you to get started on your wish list, Santa letter or demand for abundant drums and hand percussion instruments for the holidays ahead. There’s no need to thank us!

Dear Santa,

This is [Insert Name Here] and while we may have not ever met, I am sure that you’re just as aware as I am that drums make people happy. Especially me, and I’d really, really like to be extra-super-happy this year on [Insert Holiday Here]. This is why I’m writing: so that you can fully acknowledge the awesome power of drums to make people happy (scientifically proven, at that!). I would like to continue to spread the holiday cheer through the magic of drums for many years to come. This will require the following:

[Insert preferred drums and hand percussion instruments here]

I have been good this year, if that is a requirement to get more drums, and I have done my part to get all of my friends and family members involved in drumming, rhythm and music (the universal language!). I feel we all have a need to capture the rhythm together, and as that is an essential part of drumming and the holidays. Santa, dear Santa, you could help me start a global movement that encourages everyone to pick up a djembe and discover rhythm together. I challenge you to find a better gift for the world (and, me!) than rhythm, drums and hand percussion instruments.


[Your Name Here]

For those who may need a little vindication in asking for a heap of drums or hand percussion instruments, we’ve got you covered, too.

Other reasons to ask “Santa” for drums and hand percussion instruments:

  • Company is coming over. They’ll love being such an important part of your day as you hand them a djembe, tambourine or frame drum.
  • The whirlwind holiday family celebration tour. Traveling across your state to hit up all of your extended family holiday celebrations? Your new doumbek and shekere are portable and provide entertainment in the car (passengers only) and at each destination.
  • Need a last minute gift? Everyone loves bongos! True story.

There is little harm in asking for the things in life that you want. In fact, there is strength of character that adults tend to lose as the years roll by; the same magical hopes and dreams that drives a child to write a wish list or “Dear Santa” letter. Plus, we like to encourage everyone’s percussion passions as much as possible – drumming makes people happy, and who doesn’t like happy people?

Now, tell us what you want in the comments below!

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