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Didgeridoo Music: Performers and Recommended Recordings

Didgeridoo music is a type of music that is also commonly identified as didge music or didjeridu music. The origin of didgeridoo music can be traced back to Australia to the aborigines located in the northern most region of the country. This form of music is a naturalistic form of music which is sometimes identified as a drone pipe or trumpet, and on occasion, musicians will refer to this type of music as aerophone music.

The didgeridoo instrument is a long length of wood that is often accompanied by unique and attractive designs. More contemporary didgeridoo instruments are conical or cylindrical in their construction and their measurements can be approximately 3 feet in length or more. The length of the didgeridoo is directly proportional to the type of sound waves that are issued forth from the instrument when it is played, and longer instruments provide a lower or deeper pitch than those didgeridoo instruments used that have a shorter length associated with their construction.

There are a number of performers who have made recordings of didgeridoo music and such recordings are suitable for easy listening, relaxation, and meditation purposes. Sometimes the music is unified with the sounds issued forth from a Tibetan singing bowl or with trance inducing sounds of various percussion instruments.

Performers and Recommended Recordings

Basic Didgeridoo Recording
Didgeridoo & Tibetan Singing Bowl is a meditation track that was released by Inner Splendor Media LLC in the year 2007. The tracks offered combine the sound of the didgeridoo with the gong, percussion, and more, all of which elicit a mysterious, almost eerie sounds perfect for deeply relaxing meditations sessions. If seeking music to play in the background while working, or simply looking for music that will deeply touch the soul, this didgeridoo music CD is ideal.

Mark Atkins
Mark Atkins is a leading didgeridoo instrumentalist as well as the 1990 Golden Didjeridu competition winner. This didgeridoo music artist has played along with the likes of Hothouse Flowers, the London Philharmonic, and Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. Didgeridoo Dreamtime offers nine tracks of Atkin's finest compositions including Bullima, Mung-Goon-Garlie, In the Night, Tuckonies, Sugar Bag, Dumble-Murray, Spontaineous Combustion, Devil, and Bungarrow.

Xavier Rudd
Xavier Rudd is another didgeridoo music performer who is a native to Australia. This artist is well known for his impressive live didgeridoo performances at concerts as well as festivals in the Australian region. Rudd released Dark Shades of Blue in 2008 which includes eleven impressive didgeridoo music tracks including Black Water, Edge of the Moon, The World as We Know It, and Up in Flames among other mystical tracks.

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8th Jul 2014

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