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Tycoon Percussion and Drums

Tycoon Percussion has a special place in our hearts, with the wide range of drums and percussion offered that suits any level of musician or drummer. The company has been manufacturing high-quality djembe drums, conga drums, bongos and more since the 1980’s, and each year, new and innovative products are released.

Cajon drums are a great way to combine earthy rhythms with powerful sound. As an acoustic instrument, a cajon can provide a beat that rivals any drum set, yet is portable and innovative. The Tycoon Bubinga/Makah Burl Cajon keeps this vibe alive, while adding extra bass and snare sounds, and a distinct look that will last as the final beats play.

A set of bongos has a versatile application in any genre of music. The high-pitch pop of these drums accentuates all other percussion and can create drama and flair in any performance. The Ritmo Series Bongos by Tycoon are affordable, high-quality drums preferred by both amateur and professional drummers alike. With smaller heads and a classic look, these bongos are perfect for student drummers or stage performances.

Djembe drums are a rapidly becoming one of the most popular hand drums available. The range of sound in these instruments is astounding, and each Tycoon djembe proves that style, sound, quality and affordability are within the reach of any drummer. The Tycoon Artist Series Retro Djembe shows off a distinct sound and eye-catching appearance that continues the astounding legacy of these hand drums.

Tycoon percussion may shine when it comes to the variety of conga drums offered. Not only are these congas of the utmost quality and sound, but the selection of colors and styles makes it easy for any drummer or percussionist to enjoy a unique visual flair. The Siam Master Fantasy Series shows the influence of artists that understand beauty comes from both sound and style.

For beginner or professional drummers, Tycoon provides the look, feel and sound needed to create unforgettable rhythms. Whether on stage, in the recording studio or at community drum circle, the Tycoon name brings great sound and value to every performance.

28th Oct 2014

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