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Gifts for Drummers? Good Things Come in Small Packages!

Even the most organized gift-giver runs into problems during the holidays, right before a birthday or even before a wedding or other milestone that requires a present. Usually, that problem is forgetting to get a gift, or that need to have one more item to make the experience of giving just that much more incredible. Now, imagine you need one of those gifts for a drummer. A drummer who probably already has everything he or she wants, because picking drums and percussion instrument …
20th Nov 2021

What’s the Best Instrument for All Ages? Shakers, of Course!

We don’t want to toot our own horns, but, we’re pretty smart when it comes to drums and percussion. We love the smiles and fun that a drum can bring into the mix and the unstoppable benefits of rhythm for the brain. We support music education for all ages (you’re never too old to groove!) and as advocates for drums and rhythm, we’re often asked what the best instrument is to tie it all together and make some noise, from preschool through the golden years.Well, drums, of course… djembes, bo …
6th Feb 2015 Kristin Stancato