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Which Mallets are Right for Me?

There are as many mallets to choose from as there are keys on a marimba, and really, there are probably more than that. For anyone who is just getting into the wonderful world of idiophone percussion instruments, like the marimba, xylophone or vibraphone, you’ve probably already realized there is a lot more to these instruments than you first thought. Most percussion instruments are seen similarly – after all, how hard can it be to bang something to make a sound?It’s not easy. In fact, eve …
19th Feb 2015 Kristin Stancato

Why Can’t Drummers and Pianists be Friends? Marimba Players.

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times: drummers are not musicians and pianists are not percussionists. It seems that even in music, an experience that is based on the ability of people and instruments to work together to weave together the magic of song, there are always going to be those hard-hitting debates where feelings get hurt and someone stomps off in anger. The argument has been around forever, and it seems that there is always a drummer or percussionist in the …
14th Aug 2014