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Djembe Rhythm Library and Lessons

Djembe Rhythm Library and Lessons

We're here to support players of all experience levels with the resources needed to advance their skills and keep up with the maintenance of their drums! We offer a plethora of Djembe Lessons, Re-heading/Tuning how-tos, Rhythm Libraries, and Play-Along tracks to guide you through practices and gain new techniques!Follow our links below and get started playing! Be sure to hit that 'Like and Subscribe'!Djembe Rhythm Library: Buying G …
20th Nov 2021 MollyRose

Get a Grip: Your Drum Stick Hold Matters

Drumming is a lot more than just picking up two drum sticks and hitting a drum. There are nuances to drumming that the rest of the world knows little about, which lend to the stereotype of a drummer being, well, not entirely vital to the overall epic nature of music. When you got your first drum, or discovered your love of drumming and rhythm, you probably did just pick up a pair of drum sticks and start hitting a drum. It’s a pretty natural action, no different than picking up a guit …
30th Dec 2014 Kristin Stancato

You Want Me to What? Drumming Softly and How to Turn Your Drums Down

We don’t really know why, but, there could come a point when you may need to drum without the power of Thor’s hammer. Drumming is all about being loud, strong and full of unstoppable momentum, driving each beat into the ground so that the rhythm is never misunderstood and you became a drummer so that you could pound away without being judged for your need to hit things, right? Well, not exactly. Drumming is loud, and there is definitely a lot of strength and momentum required to g …
24th Oct 2014 Kristin Stancato

Translating Rhythm: From the Drum Set to the Cajon Drum

Finding a new drum or hand percussion instrument to play is one of the best things about being a drummer. No matter if you started out on a set of bongo drums or you were a drummer in your school’s marching band, once you’re bitten with the percussion bug, it can be hard to ever let that excitement go. For the drum set drummer, all of those hours spent learning the basics and practicing rudiments can lead to a really great experience drumming in a band, on stage or in a stu …
23rd Oct 2014 Kristin Stancato

I Want to Play a Hand Drum, But, Where do I Start?

We can see it in your eyes, the way you’ve been looking at those djembes and cajon drums. You may have stumbled upon a hand drum in an online video, or you heard the call of the rhythm at night from a neighbor’s drum in the distance. You are ready to take the next step and start your life as a master of hand percussion instruments. Of course, you are only following your instincts (as you should) and are to be commended for your desire to improve your life dramatically. Now you just have …
17th Oct 2014 Kristin Stancato

10 Things We Hate About Drumming

Despite public opinion, being a drummer isn’t easy, nor is it all fun and games. There are a ton of reasons why people start drumming, and probably more reasons why people stop drumming. We, the drummers, are the unsung heroes of music and the pounding heartbeats of rhythmic divinity. We keep the beat alive even as we take a beating, ourselves. Sometimes, in those moments of pure introspection (usually as we wait for the other instruments to get tuned up), we even ask ourselves if drumm …
16th Oct 2014 Kristin Stancato

So, You Want to Play the Tambourine?

Tambourines are back, with a vengeance. These seemingly simple percussion instruments are finding their way into the studio, the stage, into classrooms and even drum circles. The rising popularity of the tambourine is inspiring musicians everywhere to add the jingle of zils and the hip-tapping fun of these frame drums into every composition, performance and drum jam. This is the year of the tambourine, and we couldn’t be more excited! Ok, tambourines never really went away. In fact, ta …
21st Aug 2014 Kristin Stancato