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How to Clean Cymbals

Whether cymbals have been kept in storage or carried around from gig to gig, they can develop a layer of dirt or grime that affects not only the appearance, but also the sound of the cymbals. Most professionals caution against cleaning cymbals, as the process of cleaning the metal may, in fact, hurt the finish and cause irreparable to the metal used, but there are times that call for a thorough cleaning, as well.For cymbals that have been in storage, weather conditions, dust or even pollen can t …
18th Jun 2015

Protecting and Maintaining Cymbals

As every drummer knows, a drum kit is only as good as the care given to it. Since most drum kits consist of drums, cymbals and hardware that puts it all together, it is important to protect the various components within the kit from damage during transportation, including the cymbals. Cymbal damage usually occurs during transportation or storage, but by following a few guidelines, this damage can be reduced or eliminated.The metals used in cymbals are sturdy, but can still be damaged by im …
18th Jun 2015

How Sabian Cymbals Are Made

Go behind the scenes with Sabian Cymbals. Chris Stankee (Sabian AR Manager) & Chris Sears (SMI Drum Instructor) talk about how Sabian Cymbals are made with footage from the factory. Definitely worth watching! Part 1: The beginnings Learn about the copper and tin materials used to create the B20 Bell Bronze castings and the B8 Sheet Bronze. Then see the tempering process, how the hole is drilled in the center and the finishing process. He then talks about how they tweak the sounds of …
18th Jun 2015

Types of Cymbals for your Drum Kit

Between different drum and percussion kits, there are several different choices that can help accent the music and rhythms being played. From wood blocks and the type of drum sticks or mallets to the different drums and cymbals available, determining the best parts for the job can be a confusing part of any musician's life. Cymbals, in particular, can make or break the sounds in a song, and as such, incorporating the right cymbals into a drum kit can be an important decision for the drummer, …
18th Jun 2015

Brilliant or Natural Cymbals: Does the look influence the sound?

The most eye-catching part of your drum kit is the cymbals. They flash and reflect light when you are crashing them, so not only do they sound great, they become part of the show you put on as well. When purchasing cymbals, drummers are attracted to both the sound quality and the appearance. Cymbals can come in different finishes, including dark, aged, extremely dry looking cymbals to those with such a brilliant finish that you can see yourself reflected in them. Not only do cymbals with a na …
17th Jun 2015

Cymbal Anatomy and Sound

The ancient techniques of cymbal making have produced a range of cymbal styles that appeal to different drummers across the music spectrum. For the earliest origins of the cymbal, these instruments have been strategically crafted to produce different sounds that accent music from rock to jazz, and classical to world music. The decay, attack and overall tone and sound quality of a cymbal are directly related to its size, shape and the alloy used in its construction. Until a drummer is famil …
17th Jun 2015