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How Sabian Cymbals Are Made

Go behind the scenes with Sabian Cymbals. Chris Stankee (Sabian AR Manager) & Chris Sears (SMI Drum Instructor) talk about how Sabian Cymbals are made with footage from the factory. Definitely worth watching!

Part 1: The beginnings

Learn about the copper and tin materials used to create the B20 Bell Bronze castings and the B8 Sheet Bronze. Then see the tempering process, how the hole is drilled in the center and the finishing process.

He then talks about how they tweak the sounds of each cymbals for the various series including hammer marks and lathing.

Part 2: The Sound

Getting more specific on changing the sounds for each cymbal, including the unfinished bell tones.

Interesting insight on how the O-Zone Cymbals were developed.

Session ends with Chris explaining each model with sound samples.

17th Jun 2015

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