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Stop Stressing and Drum!

“Busy” is the buzzword of today, between work and family and the pursuit of happiness, we are all trying to keep motivated and get it all done. Unfortunately, being busy all the time can lead to stressful living, and many people just can’t figure out how to break the cycle and still keep the motivation going in a positive, beneficial manner. Imagine, however, during those stressful times of life, having the ability to take 10 minutes off to reset your mind and body without medication. With a djembe or other hand drum, your mental relief may be just what the doctor ordered to reduce your stress.

Drumming is a natural way to reduce stress levels, as it provides both a mental and physical release of the negativity, frustration and overwhelming feelings of being “busy.” Through jamming, you are given the ability to take your stress literally into your own hands, beat out a favorite rhythm, and get your mind back into the game. It allows for the “in the moment” experience needed to clear away stressful thoughts and the physical activity needed to release stress in a positive, healthy manner.

Drumming is also fun, creative, and can be a unique way to find like-minded people in your community. Since stress can be relieved through mindful activities like drumming, or just through the sharing of interests and hobbies, drumming increases the ability to shed the immediate cares of living, and let loose with that inner vibe just waiting to get out.

Stress is inevitable in life, and many people struggle with the negative effects of living in a constant state of being “busy.” Yet, there are simple, life-enhancing activities that can easily relieve the burdens of stressful living. 

22nd Jul 2014 Kristin Stancato

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