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Spice up your Cajon with Cajon Extras

Cajon drums are some of the most beloved percussion instruments on the market today, and continue to gain popularity in all genres of music. As seemingly simple drums, Cajon drums have the ability to be used in place of a full drum set, as well as in more intimate settings like drum circles and private parties. The versatility and portability of these drums is one of the main reasons for the popularity, but they are also well known for a rhythmic sound and tone extendibility allowed through some amazing Cajon accessories.

Bringing a true bass drum feel to Cajon playing, the Gibraltar Cajon Pedal conveys a traditional right or left foot movement that recreates the sound of a standard bass drum. Perfect for those performances that need a more subtle bass sound, this Cajon pedal takes the lead in rhythmic perfection.

A drummer always has her or his hands full, yet sometimes, even more percussion sound is needed. The Schlagwerk Shake Hands shaker for Cajon players easily combines the beat of the Cajon with a raspy accent on top of each hit by strapping to the wrist.

Adding a little jingle to a beat, the Meinl Cajon Jingle Castanet allows the Cajon player to easily add a light, metallic tone to the rhythm, plus the sound of a castanet.

While a Cajon has a wide range of sounds and tones for any rhythm, an accessory like the Schlagwerk Heck Stick/Side Kick Set increases the “wow” of any Cajon drum. Tap the stick or hit the side of the set for a whole new set of sounds to add to your beat.

Rhythm can only be make better with the addition of a tambourine sound. The Meinl Foot Tambourine gives a Cajon player the freedom to play the drum, while using the foot for that tambourine sound.

With the ever-increasing popularity of the Cajon drum throughout the world of music, these drums can be found in all genres of music. Whether the Cajon player is a novice, or professional, adding extra sound to the rhythm is simple and fun with Cajon accessories.

28th Oct 2014

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