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Meinl Generation X Cymbals

When it comes to cutting-edge rhythm and unique sound, drummers often search for the latest and most innovative cymbals on the market to enhance and cultivate a personal drumming style. With the wide array of cymbals available today, the cymbal sound, decay and timbre choices may seem endless. The Generation X line of cymbals from Meinl, however, makes those choices just a bit easier. Known for mystifying tones that are experimental and innovative, Meinl Generation X cymbals bring rhythm and drumming into an entirely new fortress of sound.

Meinl Generation X cymbals are a product of research and design only possible through the experience of today’s best drummers and the manufacturing precision of computers and technology.  Bearing eccentric sound, unique combinations of alloys and stacked configurations, this line of cymbals are perfect for the newest sounds in rock, punk, experimental and alternative music genres.   The Meinl Generation X cymbal line includes China, effect, hi-hat, ride and crash cymbals. These cymbals are the ultimate in new sound, creating memorable fills, solos and accents within all types of music.

As a winner of the M.I.P.A. Musikmesse International Press Award, Meinl’s Generation X cymbal line proves that the art of cymbal manufacturing can truly be enhanced through innovative designs and engineering techniques. With the experience of professional drummers guiding the design and overall sound of the cymbals and the precision manufacturing only available through computer-aided means, Meinl Generation X cymbals bring quality and a revolution of sound to the world of rhythm and drumming.
For the drummer unafraid to take risks, the Generation X line of cymbals from Meinl can bring a new, edgy and distinct sound to any recording or performance. When taking risks is a part of the whole music experience, this line of cymbals can be an unstoppable force in the search for the next, new sound.

17th Jun 2015

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