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Local Drum-Making Workshops

Drumming can be therapeutic, healing, invigorating or just fun for one person, or an entire group. Many drummers begin drumming and develop a relationship of sorts with their drum, giving it a name or defining its personality that comes out during play. Some drummers take this connection a step further by creating their own drum from basic materials, pouring their hearts, souls and talent into the construction of an instrument that becomes an instant treasure.

If you have ever considered the possibility of making your own drum, you aren’t alone, and there is no better way to make a drum, and maybe some new friends, than finding a local drum-making workshop.

Making drums

Drum-making workshops are held within groups or organizations that are inspired by the spiritual aspect of drumming, seek team-building exercises or even for community fellowship or fun art projects. Websites like Craigslist or offer listings for workshops as well as ways to connect with others for some drumming after your drum is finished and ready to play.

Some workshops offer materials and instruction for making basic hoop drums, while others can help you construct more elaborate drums like a Djembe or Ashiko. Workshops can be held over a weekend or over several weeks as the drums cure and get ready for their entrance into rhythmic fame. The only limit to the design of the drum, aside from its basic craftsmanship, is the creativity you bring.

Being among others who seek to create a unique and personal instrument should be inspirational to your own vision for your drum. Drum-making workshops are readily available to help you get together with like-minded people and share the experience of creating your own handcrafted drum.

Some tools to get you going:

Drum Shell (turn a discount blemished drum into a new custom model)

Djembe Skin

Djembe Rope

Rope Puller

29th Oct 2014

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