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Introducing the new M-Series Cymbal from MEINL

Meinl, one of the leading heavy weights in the cymbal market, has come crashing through with another fantastic line of German made cymbals. The M-Series, created from B20 bronze alloy and manufactured through a high-tech computerized process, gives off a traditional vibe yet are as loud as you need them to be.

Created with versatility in mind, the M-Series aren't cymbals that are pigeon holed into one type of music. Whether you are a professional that plays jazz or a metal drummer that thrashes on your crashes, the M-Series will provide you with crystal clear stick sound.

The M-Series is available in a variety of sizes including; 14" hihat, 16 and 18" crashes, and 20 and 22" rides. These cymbals all come in medium weight.

If it's control you are after, the M-Series Hihats give you a powerful yet constrained response. The bottom of this cymbal is heavy, which results in a fat chick and a clear stick reaction.

The M-Series Crashes are warm in ways that other cymbals cannot match. The sound is rich, with quick response and a shimmer that practically glistens on it's way off the cymbal.

Definition is the name of the game when you grab an M-Series Ride. This Ride is warm, bell like, and gives you a rich, sparkle sound that lasts as long as you need it to you.

Drummers of all genres are talking about the M-Series across the web, and they like what they hear. Following conversations in the MEINL Cymbal talk forum, you will find those who feel the M-Series with go head to head with Sabian cymbals; "The German-made M-Series looks like it will give the Sabian XS20 a good match." For some, the new M-Series means a transformation for their current rig, "Let the MEINL transformation begin!"

Whichever M-Series cymbal you choose to add to your set-up, you are sure to be thrilled with the sound and high quality engineering that is the cornerstone of MEINL products.

17th Jun 2015

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