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How to Play Shekere - Online Video Lesson

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New online lesson with Michael Pluznick! In this lesson, you will learn how to play a basic 4/4 rhythm on the shekere. You'll be able to use this rhythm at any drum circle jam or play along with your favorite music.

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The lesson starts with a quick introduction to the instrument and how to hold it. You'll then learn the concept for the playing motions of the instrument, starting slow and then gradually getting faster. These sections are long enough that you can play along with Michael as you work up the speed.

Once you have the basic motions down, Michael shows you a 4/4 rhythm pattern on the shekere.

Learn all this in just under 7 minutes! The lesson is iPhone friendly so you can learn on the go.

To Download The Full Lesson, Click Here:


by Michael Pluznick

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28th Oct 2014

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