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Compare the X8 Drums Fiberglass Djembe Models

Compare the new Fiberglass Djembe Models from X8 Drums. Both djembes are made of a fiberglass drum shell that is lightweight, weatherproof and has great resonance. When comparing the models, you can choose between the traditional Rope Tuned version with a Goat Skin Head or the more modern Mechanically Tuned version with our new professional synthetic drum head.

The Rope Tuned model with the goat skin head will produce warmer and lower tones than the synthetic head. This model matches closely with tones you get from the traditional rope tuned wooden djembe drums. The benefit of the fiberglass over wood in this case is that the fiberglass shell makes it lightweight and very durable. However, it is important to note that the drum head is goatskin and will be more affected by changing weather conditions and will require regular tuning like a wooden djembe drum.

The synthetic head on the Mechanically Tuned djembe is weather resistant and will hold its tune for much longer than a goatskin head. Also, the mechanical tuning system is easier on the hands and back. Just pull out the included tuning wrench and evenly tune around the drum head, careful not to over tune. Overall, the combination of the fiberglass shell, synthetic head and metal tuning system make this drum produce cutting sounds. This drum is loud, with crispy slaps and a bit higher pitch than the goatskin/rope tuned model.

Due to the sonic differences between these two models, it's important to listen and discover which tone resonates with you more. If you are an active drummer, you may want to have one of each to play a variety of roles in your musical group.

29th Oct 2014

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