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Kente Cloth Royal Djembe, Key-Tuned

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Kente Cloth is notable in Africa because it is frequently worn by royalty. Each Kente Cloth design has a special meaning. The dark color in this drum's pattern stands for intensified spiritual energy.

Sizes Available :

10" Head X 18" Tall
Recommended size for Kids (ages 5-10), or as a great backpacking drum

12" head x 23" Tall
Recommended size for Adult players.
14" head x 26" Tall
Recommended size for Adult players looking for the biggest range of tone and booming bass.

The Key-Tuned Kente Cloth Royal Djembe is a fiberglass shell with a synthetic drumhead. Many percussionists seek synthetic drumheads for the distinct pitch it produces which is typically a higher tone than a traditional goatskin head. The bolt tuning system makes tuning a breeze and a tuning wrench is included with the drum.

New and improved drum head! Our new synthetic head is designed to produce the same tones and has a unique texture that is similar to a traditional goatskin. In addition, these heads offer incredible durability, stability of tuning and more possibilities with the high end hits on the rim.

The fiberglass shell features a multi-colored kente cloth design.. When comparing this model to Toca's Freestyle Drums, you can expect this to have a little more weight because the Fiberglass material is more dense than the PVC used for the Toca drums. The benefits of an extra couple of pounds means richer tones and a sense of better stability.

Great article: The differences between wood and synthetic djembe drums.

Need help choosing a size: Which size djembe is best for me?

Compare the differences between the Mechanically Tuned and Rope Tuned Fiberglass djembe models:

  • Durable seamless fiberglass shell
  • Newly designed bowl shape for optimal bass tones
  • Low Mass tuning system
  • Perfect for drum circles and kids of all ages
  • Synthetic head with mechanical tuning (includes tuning wrench)
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  1. a beautiful screaming drum

    Posted by Price on 13th Oct 2014

    Best non-wood djembe I've played. 12-inch head with booming bass tones, resonant opens and really sharp slaps. This thing weighs only 11 pounds, a great change from the 2-ton wood djembes that I can't play anymore. The synthetic head sounds great and never goes out of tune. Here's what's cool: I bought this same drum 5 years ago and gave it to a cousin. I just bought it AGAIN and the head is even better than before.

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