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Artist Profile: Aaron Gillespie

For hard-hitting drum beats and an extensive history of drumming and vocals, look no further for artist inspiration than Aaron Gillespie. Gillespie is the former drummer of Underoath, a Christian metalcore band, and has recently been pursuing a solo career with a spiritual purpose, as well as providing drumming lessons, touring, blogging and clearing a path for a successful career in music.

Gillespie has been a stand-out drummer since the age of 14, bringing a hard, driving beat to the Christian music genre and its songs of worship. He has been featured with artists such as TobyMac, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith and has recently toured with alternative rock band, Switchfoot. While still singing lead for The Almost, another alternative rock band, Gillespie has begun a new phase of his career, alone, in order to spread a message to the public. His solo career is a culmination of his musical experience and desire to reach out to a younger crowd who may not understand the power and connection of all genres of music to religious worship.

With a custom-made drum kit, Gillespie plays the drums like few can. He is loyal to Meinl Cymbals, especially the Byzance series, crediting the Meinl Spectrum Ride as one of his favorites that was used for the entire recording of Lost in the Sound of Seperation album by Underoath, released in 2008. With the release of his solo album, Anthem Song, Gillespie is busier than ever, drumming and singing and inviting others to join him in the spirit of Christian music.

Gillespie is the type of drummer that can inspire others seeking a musical voice to continue to learn and grow as musicians. His message and talent are both clear, and if his drumming is any indication as to his career drive, Gillespie will have no problem continuing to spread his unique message in the world of rock. Aaron Gillespie currently lives in Florida with his wife and tours the country, playing for congregations and other audiences.

17th Jun 2015

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