Dundun Dancing Drum Signature Series

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Dancing Drum Signature Series Djun-Djuns (or Dununs) - usually played with sticks in a set of three - are designed to produce the authentic sound of the African bass drum. The 15" Dundunba produces the low bass tone, the 12" Sangban produces the mid-range tone, and the 10" Kenkeni produces the high tone.

  • Professional quality drums and offering an outstanding combination of melody, beautiful design, and authentic African tone.


  • These djun-djuns are usually played with sticks (20" Dundun Bambata, 15" Dundunba, 12" Sangban, 10" Kenkeni).


  • Stretched across the top and bottom are high-quality cowhides held together with triple-ring mounting systems and 5mm non-stretch rope.


  • Each drum ships with a pair of hardwood djun djun sticks.


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Set of 4 Djun-Djuns: $1229
This set of 4 drums includes one Bambata, Dundunba, one Sangban, and one Keneni, which creates a full tonal range from high to the low bass.

20" Dundun Bambata: $449
The 20" Bambata produces the lowest bass tone.

15" Dundunba: $322
The 15" Dundunba produces the low bass tone.

12" Sangban: $249 
The 12" Sangban produces the mid-range tone.

10" Kenkeni: $199
The 10" Kenkeni produces the high tone.

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3 Reviews

  • Posted by (Santa Cruz , CA) on 14th Aug 2014


    No Issues

    Love the drum. Great addition to my drum collection.

  • Posted by sara shonfeld on 11th Aug 2014


    Djun Djun Dancing Drum Signature Series

    I am very happy with the dancing drum I received on time as promissed.
    The package was delivered very secured and the drum itself was a work of art.
    It sounds so wonderful and came with 2 nice thick wooden Djun Djun sticks. The "22 drum is large and heavy. I love it! Very happy also that it is environmentally friendly!

  • Posted by Owen (BC, Canada) on 14th Jul 2014



    The design of these was thoroughly thought out as is evident in the details. Workmanship is absolutely consistent among drums and they look and sound awesome. My set includes the 20" bambata. It's enormous size and booming sound make for a truly impressive 4th addition.