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Dancing Drum Adult Dundunba Stand

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The Dancing Drum Djun Djun Stand is made of 2 interlocking pieces of plywood which come apart and can be stacked flat for storage or easy transport.

We offer 4 sizes of djun-djun stands, one for each size drum. This listing is for the Dundunba stand.

These stands are fabulous because they are so simple and efficient. They raise your djuns off the floor so they sound better, and the set of 3 djuns on stands creates a level playing surface without the hassle of ropes or hooks. They are super stable, and the drums "float" on their rings so the skin is not damaged by the stand. Collapsible for ease of storage and transport.

The adult stands together will raise your set of Dancing Drum Signature Series Djun-Djuns to a height of approximately 33", comfortable for most adult players.

Note: These stands are made specifically for the Tycoon Percussion Dancing Drum Djun Djuns. They have been sized to fit these specific drums and are not guaranteed to fit djun djuns made either by hand or by other manufacturers. We DO NOT recommend purchasing these stands unless you have the Dancing Drum Djun Djuns. Even if you think the diameter of your drum head will work, you might still run into issues with the stand being a little too big or small for stable drumming.

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Djun, Dundun, Doundoun
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3 Reviews

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    Just what I needed

    Posted by GraceR on 25th Jan 2018

    I bought the smallest stand, and it works perfectly with my Toca Freestyle Dundun 10” drum. The drum is very stable when I play. The only part of the drum that comes in contact with the stand is the ring around the drumhead. The stand is notched so that the bottom drumhead floats above the stand. It does exactly what I hoped it would and was just what I needed.

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    Djun Djun stands

    Posted by Laura on 29th Jul 2014

    Although the Djuns I have were not the ones made for the stands, they work perfectly. I did have to make a small adjustment for the smallest. Our group travels and these stands are perfect for packing around.

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    A necessary addition

    Posted by Owen (BC, Canada) on 14th Jul 2014

    Without these, you would either need to buy cross stands or else rest the ends directly on the ground. These stands are perfect for ballet style, in which one drummer plays the full set. The bottoms are protected from the ground, the heads are placed at the same height, and sound is able to project from the bottom as well as the top. They fit each drum snuggly and look great.

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