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X8 Energy Chimes - 15 Bars

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  • X8 Energy Chimes - 15 Bars
  • X8 Energy Chimes - 15 Bars
  • X8 Energy Chimes - 15 Bars
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Percussionists are always listening out for new ways to accent their music with great special effects and tonal diversity. Our Energy Chime won't disappoint. This highly musical and highly versatile instrument features 15 ultra-resonant, 10mm tempered aluminum alloy chimes with a gleaming silver finish. These free-floating chimes deliver a brilliant "ping"Ν sound along with a long, slow fade when gently struck with the wooden mallet included.

Each individual chime has a different tone and pitch and they all work together to produce a wide range of bright sounds with excellent projection and a lingering sustain. Use the wooden mallet to work your way up and down the chimes, experimenting with all the different tones and sound nuances. The accents you discover inject new energy or a soothing and ethereal vibe into your musical creations. The bar is beautifully crafted from renewable, environmentally-friendly mahogany wood.


  • 15 aluminum alloy chimes
  • Mahogany wood frame
  • Includes wooden mallet


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