X8 Drums Dundun - Kente Cloth, Sangban (Medium)

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  • X8 Drums Dundun - Kente Cloth, Sangban (Medium)
  • X8 Drums Dundun - Kente Cloth, Sangban (Medium)
  • X8 Drums Dundun - Kente Cloth, Sangban (Medium)
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Sold individually. This listing is for the Medium (Sangban) size.

The X8 Drums PVC djun djun shells feature the traditional Kente Cloth African design with a rich color palette. The PVC material means that your drum is ready for travel and years of play without cracking or splitting. Plus the PVC material doesn't react to changing weather conditions like wood which means less time tuning for you!

The drum heads are made of cow hide to produce deep, warm tones and eliminate ringing overtones.

These drums are sought after by traveling musicians, school programs and groups that require both professional-level musicality and extreme durability.

Typically played as a set with sticks, The 15" Dundunba produces the low bass tone, the 12" Sangban produces the mid-range tone, and the 10" Kenkeni produces the high tone.

Each drum ships with a pair of hardwood djun djun sticks.

Sizes Available in this collection:

Dundunba: 15 in. Head x 26 in. Tall

Sangban: 12 in. Head x 24 in. Tall

Kenkeni: 10 in. Head x 20 in. Tall

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