X8 Drums Dundun, Kenkeni

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This listing is for the small Dundun drum, the Kenkeni,

X8 Drums Dundun (or Dunun / Djun Djun) are masterfully carved of a single piece of legally harvested mahogany logwood, designed to produce the authentic sound of the African bass drum.

The two cowhide drum heads create rich, warm bass tones.

Typically played as a set with sticks, The 15" Dundunba produces the low bass tone, the 12" Sangban produces the mid-range tone, and the 10" Kenkeni produces the high tone.

  • Professional quality drum that offers an outstanding combination of melody, beautiful design, and authentic African tone.
  • These djun-djuns are usually played with sticks in a set of three (15" Dundunba, 12" Sangban, 10" Kenkeni).
  • Stretched across the top and bottom are high-quality cowhides held together with two-ring mounting systems and 5mm non-stretch rope.
  • Each drum ships with a pair of hardwood djun djun sticks.
  • Each drum has a braided rope handle attached to both ends for handling and tuning.