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The Healing Power of the Drum: Book Review

New York psychotherapist and drum facilitator Robert Lawrence Friedman, writes in his 2000 soft-cover book, "The Healing Power of the Drum: A Psychotherapist Explores the Healing Power of Rhythm," how individuals through drumming can attain psychological, physiological and spiritual wellbeing. Clocking in at 208 pages, the book is both a personal account and an introductory guide to the subject in which he quotes many leading authorities on their experience drumming in different settings.

"The Healing Power of the Drum" is an easy to read and non-technical book that presents readers with ways they can achieve increased health benefits from the activity of drumming and shows innovative ways to enhance their own wellness. The author explores drumming and drums, such as the djembe and conga, from a multidimensional perspective, explaining the drum's ability to release anger, create joy, alter brain rhythms, induce trance, and create empowerment. The book includes cutting-edge research how Alzheimer patients have been able to stay focused for short periods with a drum in their hands. The book also discusses research into brainwave studies concluding how drumming has positively increased attention span.

Robert Friedman is currently president of Stress Solutions Inc., providing stress-management seminars to corporate clients and is also affiliated with the St. Barnabas Health Care System in New Jersey.
7th Jul 2014

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