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The Twister Drum Travel Pack w/ Strap

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  • The Twister Drum Travel Pack w/ Strap
  • The Twister Drum Travel Pack w/ Strap
  • The Twister Drum Travel Pack w/ Strap
  • The Twister Drum Travel Pack w/ Strap
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Watch HD Video Demonstration of this Djembe


The Twister Drum is an X8 Drums exclusive djembe drum with collapsible technology that allows you to fit twice as many drums into a single space. The drum was designed by facilitator and percussionist Kenya Masala who not only requires space-saving features but also demands quality sound. With the Twister, you get two drums in one. Play it as a djembe or remove the head and play it as a frame drum!


Twist and Go! The Twister Drum is very easy to collapse and build. It's the only drum that lets you simply pop off the head, then unscrew the base. To compact the instrument, either stack the bowls and bases with each other or put the base inside of the bowl and pop the head back on. Drum size when assembled: 10" Head x 20" Tall


No worries about storage! The drum shell is made of durable fiberglass material that will last for years and has great resonating properties. The head is a thick synthetic material that stays in tune and designed to replicate the sound of traditional goatskin. This makes it a perfect drum for constant use in schools and they will hold their value for years to come!


These Orange colored Wooden Egg shakers have a great percussion sound. They are about the same size as normal chicken eggs. Ergonomically shaped for your hand.


These ankle bells produce a very warm and rich chime sound when played. Size can be adjusted from 8" to 13" diameter.

Directions for assembly: (Righty-tighty, lefty-loosey)

  • 1. Hold the drums so the head faces your torso or faces up with the base resting on the ground. You can also hug the bell under one arm (as in the video)
  • 2. Place the pads of your fingers just under the lip of the drumhead's black rim and pry upwards with smooth even pressure working your way around the drum. The head will pop of easily.
  • 3. The base will be screwed into the inside of the bell for shipping. Unscrew the base, being sure to keep the bell and base perpendicular as you detach them - unscrewing at an angle may cause cross threading.
  • 4. Now screw the base into the bottom of the bell. Again, be sure the sections are aligned so you don't cross thread them.
  • 5. To disassemble, reverse the directions and voila!
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    Perfect timing!

    Posted by Lynne Grobsky on 11th Jul 2014

    I am starting drumming clubs at both elementary schools where I teach PE-this came just in time for the first session this past Monday- just what the doctor ordered! The excellent video helped immensely in my choice. However I didn't receive the strap that I thought it came with. (I could be wrong!) No biggie- I used a lanyard. Thanks so much for your top-notch quality products and service!

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