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Kenya Masala


K. Solomon Masala

Endorsed Artist & Drum Circle Facilitator
Director, X8 Interactive Drumming

1, 2 Let's All Groove!
The Twister Drum
Rhythm Play!™ Book
Interactive Rhythm Program for Schools

Sharing his love of rhythm and drumming within corporations, classrooms and communities, Kenya Masala is a recognized and respected trainer and facilitator across the country. Masala’s original rhythm activity book entitled Rhythm Play!™, is perfect for classroom curriculum. It builds upon the connections that grow, both between people and within the brain, once a group of drummers begin making music together. Bringing rhythm into the classroom has shown academic and communication improvement for children (and teams!), allowing for an aesthetic inspiration, and kinesthetic skill development that delights people of all ages and abilities.

Artists and facilitators like Kenya Masala are a vital part of the drumming, rhythm and music world today. They bring the benefits of music into the lives of children and adults in an immediately engaging and inspiring way. Rhythm Play!™ and the X8 Interactive Drumming programs introduce activities that integrate music within classroom and team development environment, and are accessible to teachers, educators and facilitators through easy-to-teach lessons that are adaptable to the ages and abilities of students and participants.

Kenya Masala is an X8 Drums endorsed artist and drum circle facilitator and will be featured regularly on the X8 drums network, providing on-demand video drumming activities for classrooms and lesson plans for teachers.


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