Mid-East Persian Hammered Dulcimer/Santoor With Hammers - Walnut

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Persian Hammered Dulcimer/Santoor
Also called the Santur, it has 3 octaves, 72 strings, 9 right & 9 left courses, carved walnut, movable treble and bass bridges. The metal strings have two gages, in inches: 0.015 plain steel and 0.015 phosphorous bronze wire.

Item overall: 35.25" L x 3.0" H x 10.75" W

Body: The body is genuine walnut and multi layer with walnut veneer.

Soundboard: The soundboard is Finnish birch ply.

Tuning Pegs/ Levers: metal tuning pegs

End Pegs: There are metal end pegs located opposite the tuning pegs.

Bridge: There are 2 side bridges, 9 treble and 9 bass bridges.

Tuning: The recommended tuning is Traditional Fifth Interval, see tuning chart in Owner's Guide.

Accessories included : One pair of dulcimer hammers, tuning tool, extra string set and this model comes with a gig bag.

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