LP Go-Jo Percussion Bag

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LP Go-Jo Percussion Bag

The LP Go-Jo Percussion Bag is a simple percussion instrument that offers a huge variety of percussion sounds. Beat it, shake it, toss it... fun for all types of music!


  • The world's only mutable shaker
  • Designed in collaboration with Stephen Perkins and Joey Klaparda
  • A basic rhythmic pulse can be created by simply opening and closing your hand around a Go-Jo bag
  • Put one in each hand and play them like maracas or shakers
  • Slide the bags like an Afuche or Cabasa
  • Smack them together for a unique percussive sound
  • Toss one or more in time or attach them to your hands while playing congas to enhance the rhythm
  • Adjustable strap makes it a perfect tool for music therapy

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