Drum Lesson Download: Using Brushes with Cajon

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Using Brushes with Cajon

In this lesson Mike Meadows shows several ways to incorporate brushes into your cajon performance. He demonstrates this technique using a variety of brushes so you can see and hear the different sounds. Brushes can be really useful because you can take a cajon and add a whole bunch of different textures. You can use a brush in one hand, in two hands, you can have different types of brushes and they can all make different sounds.

Learn about what kind of brushes you *don't* want to use on your cajon. That would be the typical metal style brush. These brushes have a great sound on the cajon but what you have to be aware of is that when you have metal vs wood, metal will always win. The metal brushes will wear through the wood and put a hole in your cajon. Mike advises you to use some sort of nylon brush or maybe even a natural one. There are a bunch of brushes out there so it depends on the sound you like. Mike likes a wide variety. Some will have more of a give that can sometimes be too much. A stiffer brush will have a crisper sound.


  • How to hold the brush
  • Rhythms using one hand and one brush
  • Up tempo groove with hand and brush
  • Sticking: Incorporate doubles either with hands or brushes.
  • Accenting: experiment with different volumes.
  • Combinations: Using two different brushes
  • Types of brushes for bass thud or replacement for your hand
  • How to get different sounds from one brush
  • How to create various sweeping textures
  • There are references to Cajon 101 and Cajon 102 in this lesson
  • Run Time: 20:26

This video is instructed by Mike Meadows of Swan Percussion.
Mike Meadows is a professional freelance percussionist, drummer, and background vocalist based in Austin,TX. He is also co-inventor of The Black Swan Drum and co-founder of Swan Percussion. The cajon used in this lesson is the Swan Percussion Corsoba Deluxe Pinstripe Cajon.

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