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The art of rhythm is a combination of talent, technique and the layering of different tempos and tones. Whether the drummer plays rock, country, Latin or R&B, the emotion possible with rhythm and percussion is subtle, yet an experience that can take a song into musical greatness. Adding emotion and nuance to percussion comes with the introduction of several different instruments, but cymbals are, by far, the most popular choice to accompany a soft back beat or hard-hitting solo.

Cymbals come in all sizes and styles, allowing a drummer to tailor the sound of a rhythm and tweak a personal style like few other instruments. Cymbals for drum sets include crash, splash, sizzle, hi-hat and China symbols, as well as lesser-known effects cymbals and those specifically geared toward world music sound. Marching band cymbals, orchestra cymbals and symphonic cymbals also provide the basis for heightened musical and rhythmic expression in a manner best suited for large audiences, both indoors and out.

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