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You Got This: Buying a Drum Set Online

Giving the gift of experience is one of the best ways to show a person you care, particularly when that person is yourself. As a musician, a drummer, the experience of drumming can be one that is incomparable to any other instrument, but, what is a drummer to do when she or he needs a new drum set? Where is the best place to experience the different snare drums and kick pedals on the market? As a savvy shopper with a love for rhythm, how can a drummer find the perfect drum set to complete that perfect groove?

On the Internet, of course.

Like many other products, more and more drums and instruments are finding less presence on a showroom floor at a local music store these days. Buying a drum set online is rapidly becoming the normal experience for beginner drummers to the professional drummers we hear each day. Because buying a drum set online may seem like a counterintuitive experience, even for the most refined drummer’s ear, there are certainly some guidelines to help ease the apprehension and leave a drummer with nothing but good vibes and great beats, from the web to the welcome mat.

Tips for Buying a Drum Set Online:

Materials: Whether you enjoy the bright sound of a PVC drum set, or the range of warm sounds from wood shells, consider the longevity and overall tone you want from your drum set. PVC will certainly last longer and be more durable, but, many drummers believe nothing beats a good set of wood drums.

Quality: Quality concerns run the range from the drums and drum heads to the hardware included for rigging the drum set. Look at product reviews and take advantage of any expert advice given, and be familiar with manufacturers’ reputations for the sound quality of the drum set and its hardware.

Size: We’ve heard it before; size does matter. Most drum sets come with industry-standard drum sizes that are perfect for a beginner to intermediate drummer. Once you get more familiar with drumming, drums and your own personal sound, customizing the drum set is recommended with different sizes for the bass, snare, toms and cymbals.

Cymbals: Cymbals come in different sizes and styles. There are a variety of materials used that change the sound of the cymbal, finishes that are both visually appealing and enhance the volume, decay and pitch of the cymbal. Much like customizing the sound of drums, choosing cymbals is about personal preference, and even that will change as your rhythm skills expand and grow.

Drum Set Configuration: A typical drum set includes 4 or 5 drums, including the bass drum, snare drum, rack toms and/or a floor tom. Many drummers choose a first drum set based on the space available for playing, as well as for transportation. With extensions and accessories, a drum set can always grow as the needs of the drummer change.

The Snare Drum: This drum is perhaps the defining sound of the rhythm, and should be one of the more important choices made when buying a drum set online. Be sure to listen carefully to the sound of the snare drum in any drum set, and pay attention to its construction and any reviews on its playability and more.

Buying a drum set online does not have to be an arduous process. In fact, it can be fun to experience more drums and cymbals than possible in a local music store. Keep in mind that with any online store that sells music instruments, it is the quality of the sound recording of the drum set that will give you the best insight into your next purchase, as well as the knowledge of the retailer and reviews of happy customers. Since you’re giving yourself the best gift possible, drums, you might as well enjoy a full assault of entertainment, joy and rhythmic pleasure… through an online drum store.

Did you buy your drum set, drum or even a hand drum online? How did you like the experience and what advice would you give to new drummers? 

28th Oct 2014

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