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Yoga and Drumming

Asana, vinyasa, chants and breathing are terms heard throughout a yoga session to encourage this healing art. Yoga touches the mind and body through its various poses and the control of breath, giving a feeling of relaxation and a unique connection to thoughts, emotions and to the body itself. For those who practice yoga, it is a way to relax, meditate, understand the strengths of the body, and discover a whole world of information about the self.

Much like yoga, drumming also provides many similar paths to enlightenment, in many of the same ways. Drumming touches the mind and body through rhythm, provides a physical release and allows the drummer a way to discover her or his own strengths and weaknesses. In terms of exercise, drumming can seem like a way to keep motivation high, or act as a sort of road map through warming up, the exercise itself, and cooling down. This type of high-energy drumming works well for aerobic and cardio exercise, as well as encourages more demanding physical results from weights or strength training.

Drumming, however, is also a natural enhancement to low-impact exercise such as yoga. The yoga “state of mind” requires a focus on the rhythm of breath, and a way to connect with the Self. Rhythm and drumming can help connect a person to the experience of mindful breathing, creating an awareness of not only the drum sounds, but also an understanding of how rhythm drives the body. Drumming is also a favored way to reach meditative states, which are encouraged throughout a yoga session, reinforcing the overall connection between mind and body. Many people who combine yoga and drumming report a deeper feeling of accomplishment, relaxation and overall satisfaction with the experience.

The soft beat of a Djembe drum can easily transform a yoga workout into a powerful experience that combines music, rhythm, the body and the mind. The rhythms provided by both drumming and yoga can be a natural way to increase the effectiveness of the practice of yoga, and establish a favored workout for years to come. Additionally, it should be noted that for drummers, yoga is also a fantastic way to warm up for a long session of drumming. Namaste.

29th Oct 2014

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