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The X8 SXSW Music Sampler

Right now, in the cultural mecca that is Austin, Texas, an annual event is taking place that has been called, “life-changing,” by participants and “of the most influential happenings on the annual cultural calendar,” by CNN. South by Southwest, or SXSW brings together people from across the world for music, technology, art and so much more. But, perhaps, most importantly, is the presence of drummers and musicians throughout the event.

Today kicks off SXSW’s music showcases, during which bands and performances from over 50 countries fill the city of Austin with a sample of what’s new, different, classic and, amazing. Since 2000+ musical acts may seem overwhelming for even the most talented audience member to check off a playlist, and we may be biased when it comes to bands that feature Djembes, Congas and other hand percussion instruments, we’d like to give you a small overview of who you should see, while at SXSW.

When Eric Bobo and Latin Bitman get together, you can only expect a show-stopping adventure of hip-hop, Latin and electronic, funk-filled music. Ritmo Machine promises the best of Bobo and Bitman as they join forces and create “An explosive package of hip hop, funk, fusion and jazz ... a balanced blend of DJ scratches and live instrumentation,” according to NPR.

Acoustic pop may not be sufficient to describe Andy Suzuki & The Method. This up-and-coming band may seem to fly under the radar, but within the smooth grooves and lyrical prowess demonstrated, lurks the unique flavors of sound that only electric violin, djembe, and a piano can bring.

For those who just want to break out and dance or drum along, this year’s Latin music presence at SXSW is perhaps the best reason to get out on the streets of Austin, bring along a tambourine or set of maracas, and get ready for una semana de la música latina. Bands like Hector Ward & The Big Time, Bambarabanda and Grupo Fantasma are all ready to bust out the hip-shaking beats that get the crowd off its feet, and illustrate the beauty of Latin culture, and drums like the congas.

SXSW is the event for business, technology, artists and music to converge, brainstorm, and share in the ideas and creativity of the world at large. Be sure to check out the drumming and music throughout the week, and let us know what you see!

29th Oct 2014

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