X8 Drums, Wunder Audio and the Gretsch Drums Test Drive, Part 3

There is a gleam in the eye of any drummer who has discovered a new treasure, a drum set that proves it is beyond expectations. During our “test drive” of three new Gretsch drum sets at Wunder Audio in Austin, TX, we seemingly stumbled upon a drum set that was, in a word (or two), a home run: the Gretsch Marquee drum set.

The Gretsch Marquee drum set is considered a mid-level kit, one that is perfect for studio musicians or for drummers with some experience looking to expand their tone and range. However, the Gretsch Marquee drum set ended up being so much more than that. So. Much. More. Our drummers, Matt and Dave, were both impressed with the look of the set, of course, with a unique finish and excellent hardware, but, it was the sound that may have been the deciding vote. This drum set may look like a mid-level kit, but, as Matt said,

“The Marquee kit had the best feel for me. It was a pleasant surprise for being a mid-level kit, but it feels like a pro kit all the way. Excellent hardware and suspension mounts, pro Remo Emperor heads, matching finish wood hoops - these are features found on more expensive kits. Marquee is a winner.”

Described as a drum set for the rockers of the world, with a “Bonham-esque” sound, the Gretsch Marquee drum set certainly stole the highest praise from our drummers. Put a great tone together with a visually appealing drum set that is also affordable, and you have the ideal drum set that many drummers have only dreamed about.

Dave summed up the review of the Gretsch Marquee drum set best, proclaiming, “I wish it was loaded up in my van, headed to the next gig… Gretsch knocked it out of the park with this one.”

Keep checking back as we share our impressions on the facilities at Wunder Audio and the Wunderbar Room in Austin, TX, where we were able to test out these three Gretsch drum sets and record the sessions in true, professional style! 

28th Oct 2014

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