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X8 Drums Presents: Sela Cajons!

X8 Drums is proud to announce its newest line of drums: Sela cajons. Sela is a German company that has produced high quality instruments for more than ten years. Founded and developed by Mark Westenberger, the company prides itself on taking customer suggestions and desires into consideration when developing cajons. Because of this, Sela cajons rival Schlagwerk in quality, but ship flat, allowing accessible price levels. A Sela drum is assembled by the customer unless the individual pays $19.99 to have it assembled.

Since Sela cajons are built by the customer, costs are lower than you would expect from such a quality drum. There are two, basic models available: the snare cajon kit and the CaSela professional snare cajon. The professional snare comes in three wood finishes, offering different looks and sounds to suit different drummer personalities. Sela’s basic snare cajon has a boxier frame, but still offers a wonderful playing experience. The professional varieties have rounded corners for a more updated look and both types offer adjustable snares.

The Sela snare cajon kit comes with everything you need to put your cajon together and begin playing. Its playing surface is poplar veneer and the body is made of eleven layers of birch. With one adjustable snare, it measures 47x30x30 cm and weighs about 6 kg. It comes with rubber, non-slip feet so that you can lose yourself in the warm bass this Sela cajon produces. Everything you need to assemble this cajon is included in the box, with the exception of a cordless screwdriver. This cajon kit uses glue and should be ready to play about three hours after assembling.

Sela’s CaSela professional cajons boast an eleven-layer birch body with rounded, maple corners. Their snare system is removable, offering an opportunity to play with a more traditional sound if desired. The playing surfaces are veneer and exchangeable, with choices in Satin Nut, Tineo, and Zebrano. With a cordless screwdriver and a hammer, these Sela cajons can be assembled in about thirty minutes. The dimensions of these professional cajons are the same as the basic kit. The Satin Nut model is designed for enhanced bass performance, while the Tineo has more snare effect and a higher pitch.

The world of cajons is constantly expanding. Sela cajons offer top-quality production and German engineering for an extremely reasonable price. Because these cajons are put together by you, shipping and production costs are lower. Sela is known for quality design and materials and ensuring that value is not compromised for the sake of convenience. If you are in the market for a cajon, Sela is sure to delight.

28th Oct 2014

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