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X8 Drums Now Offers Kopf Cajons!

X8 Drums and percussion is committed to bringing the best drums and instruments to musicians across the globe. Kopf Cajon drums are just one more reason why we are the leader in Djembe, Cajon and Hand drums. This latest addition to the X8 family brings the best in sound, quality and value to our customers and friends, and we are thrilled to carry such an extraordinary line of Cajon drums.

Kopf Cajons illustrate the beauty of Cajon drums in the simple design and construction, perfectly crafted to allow an amazing tone and unparalleled durability. Constructed from sustainable materials and finished with environmentally-friendly practices, Kopf Cajons not only promise high-quality playability and incredible sound, but deliver a value and quality rarely seen in Cajon drums available today.

X8 Drums and Percussion is proud to offer Kopf Cajon drums to our customers and friends. These drums have quickly become favorites of our staff, and we have nothing but admiration for the quality of construction, awesome sound and value that is uniquely Kopf. Made in the USA, these Cajons have set the bar for all other Cajon drums.

We invite you to browse through our selection of Kopf Cajons on our website and listen to the professional audio and video of each drum. Compare the different tones and sounds of the Kopf Cajon line to each model, and to our other Cajon drums. We know you will love these drums just as much as we do.

29th Oct 2014

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