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X8 Drums Now Carries De Gregorio Cajon Drums!

Cajon drums are quickly becoming popular in every music scene. The ease of portability and versatile sound of the Cajon have launched these drums from their historical origins and native Flamenco sound into the drumming spotlight. Because no two Cajon manufacturers are alike, the quality of the drums is imperative for the best sound, durability and overall aesthetics of the instrument. For these reasons, and so many more, X8 Drums is proud to carry De Gregorio Cajon drums!

De Gregorio Cajon drums are imported directly from Spain and manufactured with exquisite attention to detail in appearance and sound. Paolo De Gregorio established DG Percussion in 2002, after playing percussion in a Flamenco group and later building a Cajon for a child. The workshop in which the first DG Percussion Cajon drums quickly grew into a small factory, and De Gregorio’s search for the best sound developed into a passion for creating quality Cajon instruments for the world over. Additionally, DG Percussion prides itself on the eco-friendly and humanitarian approach to crafting these C

Since the sound of the Cajon is distinctly Spanish, especially when it comes to Flamenco music, it only makes sense that the De Gregorio Cajon drums are manufactured in Spain. We know that the quality and authentic sound will not only delight even the most seasoned percussionist, but, will continue to provide the same cultural reverence that is embodied in the Cajon drum.

28th Oct 2014

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