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Hand in hand to promote music education in schools: X8 Drums joins The National Association for Music Education

X8 Drums is proud to announce that they have joined NAfME as a corporate member, thereby continuing their commitment to the promotion of music as a daily part of every student's education.

From the time our children are babies, they respond to the sounds of music. We play sing-a-long games with our infants, and music plays a big part in the makeup of their playthings. As children grow and are exposed more widely to music, their knowledge of the world around them expands. Children learn about culture and heritage through musical expression, and schools are now placing a wider importance on music as a way to facilitate learning.

X8 Drums has long since believed in assisting those educators who are struggling to keep musical education in the classroom. Studies have shown that students who participate in music training are more focused, well adjusted, and work better as a team than those who have not. Drum circles in particular are an excellent way to teach relationship skills and rhythm.

In this light, X8 Drums is proud to announce that it has joined the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) to continually promote the importance of art education. "X8 Drums & Percussion is pleased to partner with NAfME. Our participation recognizes the importance of music & arts education in standard school curriculums across the country," said Mark Stancato, X8 Drums & Percussion President and CEO. "Exposing the children to music positively affects their IQ, reading age and the development of certain parts of the brain. Studying music can help in other avenues of life after graduation as well."

NAfME is the world's largest arts education organization, and they focus on all aspects of music education. With nearly 100,0000 members that represent educators from high school to preschool, NAfME's focus is to ensure that every student has access to an arts education. By partnering with NAfME, X8 Drums can continue to spread the importance of the arts as a vital part of every school’s curriculum.

29th Oct 2014

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