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X8 Drums Hits Up PASIC 2012!

X8 Drums has a passion for music and rhythm that weaves its way into our daily lives, flowing outward into the music community at large, creating change and encouraging others to join in the joyful beat of their own drum. This passion and dedication for rhythm extends throughout all aspects of music, from performance and music appreciation to music education. As such, we are proud to announce that X8 Drums will attend the Percussive Arts Society International Conference (PASIC) this year, October 31 - November 3, 2012, in Austin, Texas.

PASIC is an annual event where percussionists from all around the world attend workshops and presentations that promote music, rhythm and education through performance and education. PASIC features the International Drum and Percussion Expo, showcasing the biggest names in percussion manufacturing and publishing and the latest in drums, mallets, sticks, accessories, and music.

X8 Drums will supply djembe drums for the PASIC Drum Circle Facilitation Workshop, a 5-hour opportunity for new and experienced drum circle facilitators to learn, grow and understand the concepts behind running a successful drum circle. This workshop will introduce new strategies for success as a drum circle facilitator as well as provide interactive activities that will enhance any level of drum circle facilitator knowledge and skills. This workshop is led by Christine Stevens, an expert in drum circle facilitation, and will teach effective drum circle facilitation skills and tactics to take your next drum circle up to the next level.

In addition to supplying djembes for the PASIC Drum Circle Facilitation Workshop, X8 Drums will also have a booth at the Expo and will unveil the new Twister Drum, a drum designed especially for drum circle facilitators. This drum promises to change the current landscape of drum circle facilitation, and we are excited to share our invention with all PASIC attendees! For more information on the Twister Drum, stop by our booth and see what all the buzz is about!

Please see the PASIC website for more information about the conference, activities, artists, exhibitors and more. We can't wait to see you there!

28th Oct 2014

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