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X8 Drums Community Drummer Spotlight: Lauren W.

I've wanted a drum kit as long as I can remember. My Dad was a professionally trained percussionist. He specialized in snare but did it all. I had no idea how good he really was until much later in my life. I heard him play at an outdoor Community Band concert and was amazed. I believe my quote was, "DAMN, Dad's REALLY GOOD!"

He tried to give us lessons as kids. My attention wouldn't stay with it. If I could go back in time I would love to have learned from him.

My first drum was a small Djembe. I played when no one was around. After moving out of a long-term relationship and buying my own place, I bought myself a Tama Imperial Star kit. I call it my mid-life crisis. I love playing, it's good exercise, and learning curve has been swift. I feel closer to Dad every time I play. I swear sometimes he's helping.

Next, I began shopping for a djembe for a dear friend that had always wanted one. I gave her the ambiguous question "hand-painted or hand-carved". She said "hand-carved". I ordered her a hand carved but when it arrived it was the hand-painted drum and I fell in love immediately. I contacted the seller and he gave me a sweet deal to purchase the hand-carved as well and keep the hand-painted. I feel like the one I have was meant to be mine from the beginning.

When I presented my friend with hers, she was moved to tears and eventually she moved to my state and got me motivated to finally attend the drum circle here in Huntsville. She has since moved back to Massachusetts, but, during the time she was here we attended it regularly. I have met so many people, made some very dear friends, and shared in so much joy & magic because of the drum.

I, like so many, have become totally addicted to drums and drumming. I now own three djembes, a complete set of congas, a darbuka (doumbek), and several other percussive accoutrements. I had to re-head my newer djembe shortly after getting it; I tightened the head right out of the loops. I didn't feel a connection with this drum until I went through the re-heading process with it. Doing it by myself was a super sense of accomplishment (it's a job). It sounds crazy but they really do have a soul to them.

I drum every day at least for a few minutes. The congas are by the back door and get played every time the dog or cat goes through the door...sometimes just because I am walking by them. The kit gets a work out at least a couple times a week. It would get more but the neighbors wouldn't appreciate it at 11 P.M. I have to say the djembe speaks to my heart the most. I love the community it brings.

My favorite part of attending the drum circle are when the young children show up and start dancing or drumming. They are so free in spirit and have natural rhythm. That's the feeling I love most. Sometimes the circle is just magic, there's no other word for it. The connection to the Spirit world is tangible. We're all one. The circles make it clear.

Drums owned: My Conga and quinto are Meinls (the tumba, I'm not sure). None of my Djembes are name brands, but my darbuka is a Galhawert El Fan. My kit is Tama with Meinl cymbals. I also own an Alex Acuna Gon Bops Cajon!

Lauren, we are so happy you shared your story with us! Such a great talent to pass down through your family! Drummers, tell us why YOU love drumming and drum circles! We'd love to share your story, too!

29th Oct 2014

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