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X8 Drums Community Drummer Spotlight: Ginny G

When I first came to Colorado I met a woman who played a Djembe drum. She invited me to a performance of her drum group, "The Front Range Orchestra." The beat and rhythms left me feeling exhilarated and energized.

Because I have Rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, I thought I'd never be able to play or take classes. The Drum instructor invited me to try a djembe class. He provided the drums until I decided if I wanted to buy one. Much to my surprise, I was able to play without pain. I practiced regularly and purchased a Kangaba djembe from Mali, West Africa. It has a goatskin head and a hard wood base with beautiful rich tones and bass.

Drumming gave me a new freedom and a feeling of community as I drummed with others. I felt my frustrations dissolving. While physically not being able to dance, I was able to move with the beats as I drum. We all come out of classes feeling connected and happy. As a result of meeting other drummers in classes, I've made some wonderful friends. We attend local drum circles where we can release pent up emotions and feel free to express music through the many percussion instruments.

My favorite part of the drum circle is playing Djun Djuns and djembe. Never having the opportunity to make music as a child I'm discovering the magic of drums at 63. Anyone can play the drums. It’s a wonderful outlet for people who may be physically limited. Drum circles are a sure cure for depression. They will give you energy you never thought possible.

Recently I attended a drum circle in Lyons Colorado. We were celebrating the reopening of Sandstone Park after the flood. Many of us bring grandchildren, children and grandparents. It's a fun filled family event for all ages. See you at the circle.

Ginny, your drumming story is so inspirational, and you're right, anyone CAN play the drums! Thank you for sharing! Drummers, tell us why YOU love drumming and drum circles! We'd love to share your story, too!

29th Oct 2014

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