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X8 Drums Cajon Shootout, Part 3: Kitty Hawk Snare Cajon

Our X8 Drums Cajon Shootout continues with the Kitty Hawk Snare Cajon:

Made in North Carolina, the Kitty Hawk Snare Cajon features a beautiful blue finish and is quality-crafted from birch wood. The head is screwed down really tightly, creating the same sound between the top center and the top edges. However, the cajon has a great punchy sound, a nice low end, and a sound that’s more open than the Schlagwerk’s. It also has a wide open, mid-range and low-end bass sound.

Like the other cajons we’ve featured, the Kitty Hawk has snares. However, they’re not adjustable. There’s actually two sets of snares pushed against the head on a floating wooden bar within the cajon. The snares are pretty sensitive, so you’ll get a lot of snare sound without having to hit the head too hard, which is great if you want a wide range of sound. When you barely touch the head, you can get those snares to buzz, and when you lay into it, you get a little sustain.

A unique characteristic of the Kitty Hawk Snare Cajon is that it feels like it wants to be played hard. It’s really fun and satisfying to rock out on and open up.

Stay tuned for the X8 Drums Cajon Shootout, Part 4. Have a particular cajon you’d like us to shootout? Let us know in the comments section below!

28th Oct 2014

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