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X8 Drums Cajon Shootout, Part 2: Schlagwerk Agile Cajon

Our X8 Drums Cajon Shootout continues with the Agile Series Schlagwerk Cajon:

Like the Sela Cajon, the Schlagwerk Agile Cajon is made in Germany and features quality craftsmanship, including clean joints and sanded down surfaces. However, the top corners are glued down, so you won’t get that same slap sound out of the corners that you would with the Sela Cajon. What you do get is a tight, dry, punchy sound. In fact, the Schlagwerk Agile Cajon has the driest sound of all the cajons featured in this shootout series, making it perfect for recording in the studio. You’ll always get the exact sound you’re looking for with no extra buzzes or other sounds. However, for live performances, you might want a cajon with a sound that’s a little messier and more open.

The Schlagwerk’s hardwood head comes in a variety of colors while a grippy sitting surface prevents you from sliding around. The Schlagwerk also features a technical snare system that offers a lot of versatility. For starters, you can easily remove the snare by reaching inside and unscrewing the thumb screws with your fingers. Those screws also allow you to press the snare against the head a little harder.

The snares are actually guitar strings that run in a loop around the snare body. A small adjustment piece on one side of the snare body allows you to adjust the tension of the strings. You’ll also find two sliding pieces around the strings that can slide toward the middle of the snare body for a dry snare sound or toward the outside of the snare body for better pitch. You can also remove the snare from the cajon to get a pure Peruvian-style sound that’s more open. Being able to remove the snare gives you a whole new sound and makes the Schlagwerk even better for recording sessions.

28th Oct 2014

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