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X8 Drums with Africa Imports to Help Children in Africa

Percentages of sales for certain products at X8 Drums go to several charitable causes in Africa.

Congo Orphanage

Three different orphanages in Congo receive support to pay for improvements to the facilities and for food.

Senegal Street Kids

Financial support helps to establish and maintain a home for street kids in Dakar Senegal. This money pays for rent, repairs to the building, labor costs for two employees, food and vaccinations.

Reforming Women in Africa

There are very few options women that must support themselves and their children. Many of these young women end up in destructive lifestyles that are very difficult to get away from. Funding goes to help expand a business training and development project for some of these women.

The sales of African made products helps support working craftspeople in Africa. The people helped by these donations generally live in very difficult situations.

If the money in Africa can get into the right hands, a lot can be accomplished with it.

By purchasing any of these instruments, you will help support the communities and craftsmen in Africa:

29th Oct 2014

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