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X8 Djembe Buying Guide 2012

Stallion DjembeHave you always dreamed of becoming a “djembefola”? A “djembefola” is someone who plays the djembe drum and we carry a variety of djembes to make that dream a reality.

Djembes make great gifts, whether for yourself or someone else. They provide multi-purpose drumming and can be used for healing and partying alike. Traditionally, djembes have been used exclusively for healing purposes in some cultures or mainly for communicating over long distances in others. Of course, they have also been used for entertainment; in most cases, the entertainment was meant to be participatory with dancers, singers, and other drummers.

Besides their more serious applications, djembes are fun! With a djembe, adults and kids alike can experiment with drumming, expressing their creativity in ways everyone within earshot can appreciate. Djembes offer a musical experience that can begin as play and expand into mastery-level training. And, anyone who has ever played a djembe can tell you that the feel and sound are addictive. Once you have taken a moment to caress the goatskin head of a djembe drum, there is no turning back. Every part of you will want to experience more.

Many of our djembes are hand-carved, so no two will sound exactly alike. Traditionally, hand-carved djembes are not smooth on the inside of their bowls, which adds variety and beauty to the sounds they create. As one of the most versatile types of drum, the djembe is very loud. As such, it is easy to hear it over other instruments during play.

Our unique Duafe African Djembe has been paired with a fitted gold celestial carrying bag for a limited time. Made from a single piece of hand-carved, sustainable mahogany, this djembe is also decorated with carvings of an African symbol for beauty. It also features lateral groove/rough surface carvings on the interior of the bowl, which helps to reduce overtones. This djembe comes in two sizes that are perfect for children and adults and either beginning or intermediate drummers.

Our Red Black Djembe is currently offered with a fitted and padded tote for carrying and red, wooden egg shakers. It is available in three sizes and is perfect for the beginning to intermediate drummer. Also hand-crafted from sustainable, eco-friendly mahogany, this drum has carvings along the entire body in addition to the red and black coloring. Each package comes with a Djembe Care and Maintenance Guide.

Our Stallion Pro Djembe Drum Special provides a beautifully carved djembe with a gold celestial backpack and mini X8 djembe drum. It also comes in four sizes for professional playing pleasure. The drum is hand-carved from sustainable and environmentally friendly mahogany, making each one a work of art.

28th Oct 2014

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