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X8 Community Drummer Spotlight: Aaron E.

My name is Aaron and I am proud to “Feel the Rhythm” because when you do, there is nothing like it in the world! The very first time I walked upon a drum circle, I was hooked! I got my first djembe shortly after and started and continued to play in the drum circles. After some time, I began to get better and understand why I was there. The beats, the people brought together, the dancing, the joy!! We would play all night, sometimes until daylight. On occasions, the drumming would just continue through the next day with people coming and going at random times.

Since then (10 years ago) I have begun to teach others drumming and the different types of drums. Also, I have begun to re-head and repair djembes and tune them for people, for very cheap or for free just so they learn how to tune their own djembe and I get more practice in the skill. I even designed and built my own rope pulling bar and I plan to keep on learning and teaching for many years to come.

For me drumming is bringing out the beats inside of you, and when you do bring out those beats, that is when you Feel The Rhythm! It also brings people together and makes great memories. Once you start drumming, it’s impossible to stop!

I personally use different types of Meinl djembes. They really produce quality instruments with care and pride. The sound quality is unbelievable! I have played all different types of djembes and there are many out there with their own unique sound, design, and artwork or carving... all are very beautiful. That goes for all traditional drums, not just djembes.

As for X8 Drums, thank you for this opportunity!! I know that you have the real spirit it takes to Feel The Rhythm and spread it onto others! You do great things for the community and the world. Spread the love and FEEL THE RHYTHM!!!

Thank you for sharing your vibe with us, Aaron, and keep up the great beats!

Drummers, tell us why YOU love drumming and drum circles! We'd love to share your story, too!

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28th Oct 2014

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