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X8 Announces the Twister Drum for School Teachers and Drumming Facilitators

No two hand drums are alike, which is why we are excited to announce our latest innovation in hand percussion: the Twister Drum! Designed to meet the needs of drum circle facilitators, classroom educators, therapists, and community and corporate groups alike; this drum is an X8 Drums patent-pending innovation.

There are (at least!) two extraordinary things you will notice immediately about the Twister Drum: the first being how light and easily portable it is. This drum is made of a durable fiberglass material that will hold up to many years of drumming pleasure without straining those muscles that are best used while playing the drum. The second amazing aspect of the drum is that it can be taken apart.Those two things alone will help make the Twister your new favorite drum, but we have only just scratched the surface of what makes this drum so special.

The Twister Drum does not just come apart, but it comes apart in three pieces. The head of the drum can be detached for storage or simply to use as a frame drum. In this respect, you get two drums in one. The bowl can be unscrewed from the base and when you place the base inside the bowl and pop the head back on, you have a drum that takes up very little space, which is perfect for transporting the drum, or for classroom storage. Plus, when several Twister Drums are stored together, the bowls and bases can be stacked within each other, making group drumming events even easier and more accessible to all.

The head of this one-of-a-kind drum is made from a synthetic material that never needs tuning. It has been designed to replicate the sound of traditional goatskin, combining the djembe sound you love with the benefits of modern innovation. The fiberglass body has wonderful resonance, so this is a drum that is perfect for years of play inside and outside the classroom. None of the sound quality has been sacrificed with this modern take on an old love. It also comes in two sizes to suit both child and adult music programs.

The Twister Drum’s technology was designed by Kenya Masala to meet the needs of teachers with limited space and tight budgets looking to bring music and rhythm into classrooms to help facilitate learning. This drum is not just for kids, though. Anyone can play the Twister Drum and feel confident that it is not only built for ease of use but it’s also built to love.

This Twister Drum will be available soon through valued partners specializing in instruments for the education market.

28th Oct 2014

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