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Winter Weather Drum Care

Now that the memories of summer have faded, and the chilly air has begun to blow, winter is beginning to make its presence known in a big way. Drum circles are moving inside, or are going on hiatus, creating a softer rhythm to the days and nights with a promise to begin again once the warmth returns. During this time, more care and preparation should be given to a favorite drum to keep it in its top playing shape, whether facing a different climate or a long wait in storage.

effects of weather on these drums is not as detrimental to the drum itself, there can be still be sound variances if any drum is left in the cold. If possible, after any time in storage or after a long trip on the road, allow the drum to warm up before it is played. For any djembe, doumbek, set of congas or bongos facing a long wait in storage, it is also recommended that you de-tune the drum head prior to shelving the drum.

If you are transporting your drum during the winter months, always be sure to keep it in a case or bag, decreasing the direct effect of snow, sleet or cold wind on the drum shell or drum head. Drums are delicate instruments, even if they can take a pounding, and the more effort a drummer puts into keeping a drum in top condition, the better sound it can produce. Being sure to keep your drum in a more hospitable environment and state will go far when it comes to winter weather and dry, cold air challenges.

28th Oct 2014

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